Injury prevention checklist

Quick!  What do you do to keep yourself healthy?

This post begins a discussion on what you can do to help keep yourself as healthy as possible for as long as possible.


Number one:  Rotate your shoes

Running in different models of shoes allows your feet and legs to go through different ranges of motion and receive different feedback.  Rotating two or three models of shoes is not just for the fleet of foot.  It is for everyone who runs for enjoyment and health.

Wearing different models–some lighter or with lower offsets, or some with greater flexibility–asks your feet and legs to move in different ways.  The more often you alter the feedback and reduce the repetition of the same feedback that a single shoe delivers, the more likely you are to remain healthy.  It is similar to the idea that you work different muscle groups on different days and then give them time to recover.  It’s a very simple way to make sure that you are doing everything you can to stay healthy.


And in the end, it is much, much cheaper than repeated doctor visits.

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