Nike Wildasus? Pegahorse?


When Nike introduced the Wildhorse and the Kiger, the new pair of trail trainers, we kinda thought, uh oh, here we go again!  Nike has never really made a dent in the trail market, though admittedly they haven’t put a ton of effort there.  But we stand corrected:  These shoes are awesome.  And we think the general consensus is similar, so, you know, go Nike!

They’re really simple, functional shoes.  They fit well–albeit a tiny bit short–and hold the feet securely over almost any terrain.  The traction is right on, and the ride is surprisingly good.  They kind of remind me of what we remember the Pegasus to be like, back in the day, in the ’80’s, when we were teenagers.

And so we think that if they were to introduce the road version of the Wildhorse, and they should, because we said so and we told our Ekin so, it should be called the Pegasus.  Seriously.  Drop the current model, which is a really good shoe, but has gotten a little too much, really, and reintroduce it as a simpler, smoother model.  There.  We said it.  Make it so.

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