3/22: ON Cloud first run impression


We received the big ON Cloud shipment last week.  Everyone was pretty pumped; we’d been waiting for the arrival for some time.  And, oh my, they are worth the wait!

Even though ON markets them as a performance trainer slash kindasorta casual shoe (what IS that anyway?) they are, once they’re on your feet, definitely performance oriented.

Super light.  Firm.  Responsive.  Fits like a sock, if socks had firm, responsive cushioning on the bottom.  These feel like racers, but on the marathon racer end of the spectrum.  Think New Balance 1400.  Kinda like that.

I’m not so sure about the elastic laces, though I see how triathletes might like that.  The Cloud, thankfully, comes with standard laces for those of us who are shoelace Luddites.  And I don’t know why those elastic straps around the heel are there; they don’t seem to serve a purpose really.  But we forgive all that because once the shoes are ON (see what I did there?) you want to run, forgetting that these look really pretty cool!

The ON Cloud make you want to run fast!  Even on an easy day, the responsiveness is tempting enough that after about 20 minutes you realize that maybe you oughta, you know, slow down a bit.  They disappear on your foot and that’s the kind of shoe I like!

The good news for you is that you’ll get to see these in action on March 22, when ON is in the house to help us introduce the Cloud to everyone!  We’ll have specials, lots of goodies, and shoes to try out.  It’s ON!

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