Resolve to get dirty! Nike Kiger and Wildhorse

Generally, we’re not much for New Year’s Resolutions, if only because we all tend to make resolutions that are goal-oriented, rather than process-oriented.  We’re much more successful, in the long run, if we resolve to eat healthier, rather than to lose 10 lbs.  We lose the 10 lbs pretty quickly, but then it comes back on, and we’re right back where we began.  So we like resolutions that are action-centric, rather than result-centric.

nikekigerwildhorseWe’ve resolved to run more trails.  We like the idea of getting dirty when we play, and going off-road is as good as it gets.  We don’t beat up our bodies as much–unless we falldowngoBOOM!–and we’re less inclined to be laser-focused on time or pace or speed of the run, so we enjoy it infinitely more.  You will too.

We don’t always run trail, but when we do, we like the Nike Kiger and Wildhorse trail models.  Wait.  Nike?  Trail?  I know!  Seriously!  Who knew?  But these two options from Beaverton are two of the very best trail shoes we’ve seen in some time.  They fit like the proverbial sock, they protect your tender little tootsies from all the rocks, and the traction is just about as good as it gets.  They’re lower profile–the 4mm offset gives great fundamental stability on the trails–and so they feel fast, even when you’re rock hoppin’.


And though we don’t generally think much about it, they look really cool, too.  So if you have to go on a job interview or a wedding or something, you’ll have instant street cred because they’ll know you do trails.



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