Vania Lana

Vania Lanas

Vania is an avid runner and has spent the past 10 years competing in a variety of races with distances spanning from 5km to marathons. She also participates in cycling and triathlon events, as she enjoys challenging her body with a variety of sports. She has participated in races in the US, South America and Asia; her favorite being the Chuncheon Marathon in South Korea.

She is passionate about wellness and healthy living, and she knows that by being part of Texas Running Company she is an ambassador to a healthy lifestyle. A pair of great running shoes or the right gear is just the beginning of a long relationship with the sport of running and with your body.

As a Yoga teacher, she encourages all athletes to complement their sports with Yoga. A regular Yoga practice can help you use your breath to tune into your body in order to heal and/or prevent injuries, strengthen your muscles and focus your mind; giving you a competitive edge.

Vania is an Anatomy nerd, can cook amazing, healthy meals in the time that it takes you to shower after a run and is known for her Salsa moves.


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