New Ravenna 5! The fast just got faster!

Many times when your favorite shoe gets updated, most of the changes really end up being kind of negligible.  Something here or there gets tweaked, but not enough to offend the fans.  They don’t want it not to be your favorite shoe, so they’ll make some cosmetic changes, maybe change some fabrics, but they’re not going to do anything that really sets the new model apart from the old.

Not so with some of the latest updates from Brooks.  Brooks is doing some really nice–and new–things with updates.  We know the Ghost, Glycerin and Adrenaline models were huge improvements–each is the best one yet.  And Brooks now continues that impressive run with the Ravenna.

The new Ravenna is lighter, lower, smoother; all of that makes for a much faster feeling ride.  If that isn’t all you need to know, then we can take that a bit further.  Perhaps the biggest–and simplest–improvement Brooks made to the Ravenna (and to each of the models previously mentioned) was to give it a full ground contact midsole.  Simply by removing all or most of the plastic midfoot support elements, they can make shoe lighter, smoother from heel to toe and ultimately, more fundamentally stable.  It’s brilliant, really, and it makes one wonder why everyone doesn’t do that.

The upper fits cleaner through the midfoot, thanks to some adjustments to the midfoot strapping.  Add that to the new, better performing midsole, and the result is, once again, the best Ravenna yet.


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