Saturday Morning Long Run with the TRC Club!

The Saturday run is scheduled behind TRC.  Start time is scheduled for 6:00 am, although the long runs for some folks doing 15 plus will start at 5:00 am.  We are keeping the expanded Old Sugar Land Loop in the mix (continue on Main/Burney all the way to West Airport, down to Eldridge and back to Lakeview), so there will actually be water at two places on the OSL, one on West Airport near the Glen Laurel neighborhood entrance and the second at One2One on Eldridge/Jess Pirtle.  We will also have water stops at the dry cleaners and at the bench at the finish.  You can get miles from the Thursday loop (4.7 miles) expandable to 6.2 by looping around Flour at the start or finish.  Venetian Estates is 2.3 and Old Sugar Land is 3.8 the normal way and 6.6 miles by extending to West Airport.  Breakfast following at La Mexicana over in the Home Depot Parking lot at US59 and Williams Trace.


We will do the usual 3 to 6 miles on Sunday at Oyster Creek at 6:30 am with breakfast following at Cafe Express.  With the Fox on the loose in Chicago, there will not be any water on the picnic table, so bring a bottle of water or Gatorade for the post run.

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