TRC Club Saturday Long Run

The rotation this week takes us back out to Terry Hershey Park for the Saturday run. For any newcomers to Terry Hershey, we meet at the Beltway 8 end of the trail, so you when you are traveling the beltway towards I-10 do not go thru the EZ tag lanes but rather stay to the far right and immediately exit the Boheme Drive exit and stay on the feeder thru the first stop light. Turn into the park entrance on your left. Be careful as you pass thru the stop light as traffic turns into a two way road at that point.


We have some folks doing their first 20 milers this week so start time is at 5:30 am.   If you are still in the lower mileage range feel free to get a little later start, the water should be out at the various spots.  We will have the same 3 water stops as the last time out here, at the Kirkwood bridge over by the tree line along the houses (second bridge from the starting point), just after the Eldridge bridge (fourth bridge from the start) once you cross over up on the street to the other side to go out to HWY 6 and the third stop at HWY 6 on the picnic table just after the bridge.  We will also have water and Gatorade at the finish.  You will see it sitting on its normal plastic buckets.  This puts water out about 2.4 miles; 5 miles and about 6.75 miles.  Breakfast to follow at Otto’s over in the Fountains Shopping Center.


Sunday, we will do the usual 3 to 6 miles at Oyster Creek starting at 7:00 am with breakfast following at Cafe Express.

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