TRC Club Tuesday Workout

In the past couple of months when we have had to step up to mile repeats, we have moved venues and done the repeats behind the store on the small loop around the lake.  So we will NOT be at Clements this week for the workout.  The workout calls for 3 x 1600m with a jog 400M recovery between each.  We have done these a couple of times during the marathon season, so I would refer to your times from the first time and keep in the same range.  If you did not do the other weeks then as I said in the earlier email, the pace looks to be at somewhere between 10 to 20 seconds faster than your 5K pace.  So if you are targeting say 4:30 and above you want to be 15 to 20 seconds faster than your 5k and if you are sub 4:00 probably around 10 to 15 seconds faster.  Be sure to warm up and cool down with a ½ mile or so.  Be sure to bring some water and/or Gatorade.


For those following the Hanson plan we will also be moving up one last week to 3 mile repeats before digressing back to mile repeats over the remaining 3 weeks.  This week is 2 x 3 mile at your marathon pace minus 10 seconds, with a mile jog recovery between reps.  We plan to run the Thursday 4 mile loop cutting across the bridge, with mile one being the warm-up and the last 3 miles the rep.  We will repeat that for #2 as well.


Weather is finally warming up a little so hopefully we will have a good evening.

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