Staff Profile: Lara Robinson


Meet Boulder Running Company Team Member Lara Robinson! Lara has been a member of our team since July of this year, but running is no new thing for her. Lara is a wealth of knowledge, particularly with regard to Ultra marathons  – her favorite distance.

What do you love about running? I love love love running trails. I love the distance and vertical, the constantly changing scenery, how every run is new and different no matter how many times I’ve run the same route. Running has taught me to see the bigger picture of life and not get caught up in the moment of pain or ache, that this too will pass and there’s always something amazing to see or experience just around the corner. Take a deep breath and ease into the moment. Just keep running.

What is your favorite thing about running and working in Boulder? I love the passion the employees of Boulder Running Company bring to the store and the enjoyment we all have working with customers that love doing the same thing we do.  There’s so much athletic talent and experience walking through the doors each and every day; you never know who you’re going to get to talk to when you get to work, so we just show up and be ready for whatever happens!

Tell us about your running history. I’ve run 3 marathons, including Boston 2013, but my favorite distance is Ultra.  I started running again in 2007 after a 20 year hiatus and figured out that I love endurance events versus speed. I took 2nd in my Age Group in the Boulder Spring Half in 2012, 2nd in AG at Collegiate Peaks 25M in 2013, and did my first 50M at Silver Rush in 2013 – finishing the trail race with a partially ruptured calf and a frozen shoulder due to a bad trail fall a week prior.

What are your favorite products? The Nathan Intensity Race Vest, the Nike Terra Kiger Trail, and the 2XU Compression Performance Run Sock.

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