Staff Profile: Luz Plaatjes


Meet Boulder Running Company Team Member Luz Plaatjes! Luz has been a member of our team for just under 4 years. Luz is our resident expert bra-fitter, but is just as great fitting running shoes and loves helping people find the right apparel, accessories, and shoes to keep them running well.

What do you love about running? Running is a venting of sorts for me. Its my time to forget about my worries and release whatever is bothering me. Most people know me as a dance choreographer as that is my life’s passion, but running is one of my favorite ways to stay in shape.

Why do you like working at Boulder Running Company? I love making connections with people. Helping people find  the right tools – whether it be shoes, socks, the right bra, clothes, or insoles – is a very rewarding process. I believe everyone that walks through our doors deserves the best help – from elite athletes to beginner walkers and joggers and everyone in between. What I love most about my job is my customers. I love talking to them and hearing their stories. I also love helping my lady customers find a great fitting, comfortable running bra because it really can make-or-break your whole running experience in a huge way.

Tell us about your running history. I started running at a very young age, participating in children’s races and events. My father (World Champion Marathoner and Boulder Running Company co-founder, Mark Plaatjes) was and is my biggest connection to running. He used to invite his running friends over after a long run, and I had no idea at the time that I was drinking tea and eating cookies with Olympians and world class elite runners! I enjoy running 5k and 10k races, and hope to run a marathon in the future.

What are your favorite products? The Moving Comfort Fiona Bra and Rebound Racer Bra, the Lole Essential Cardigan, and the TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller.


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