Staff Profile: Trent Briney

TrentBriney head shot Meet Boulder Running Company Store Manager Trent Briney! Trent has been with Boulder Running Company for 2 1/2 years, but has 7 years of prior specialty retail experience and more than 23 years of running behind him.

What do you love about running? I love being out on the trails exploring, enjoying nature and getting to ridgelines or the top of peaks and mountains.  I also really enjoy doing group workouts on the track or tempo runs with fellow athletes.

What is your favorite thing about running and working in Boulder? Sharing information about hydration and nutrition, shoes, the mental side of running and new areas to run is the piece that I love most.  I also like that I can come to work and be excited by conversation with people striving to improve their life through fitness, exercise, and getting out into nature!  I love running into the elites around town and having great conversation with local running club members or newbies in their first month of trying to run.

Tell us about your running history. I started running as a result of my middle school counselor, Jim Brady who I visited when my parents were splitting up.  He was the track coach and his suggestion was to use my emotion in a positive way.  Anyway, I was not big enough for football and basketball but quickly caught the bug of his sport.  I learned that through more miles, lifting weights, mental tactics, maturing physically, specificity of training and camaraderie with others that I could continue to improve.  I learned that I was largely in charge of my own destiny with running.

I ran in middle school and high school.  It was a great resource for garnering friendships and positive role models from coaches.  After high school, I was so excited to get to run in college and be a NCAA athlete at CU-Colorado Springs from 1996-2001.  While at CU-Colorado Springs, I had great coaching, mentorship and development from Coach Graeme Badger who lit a fire in me.  That fire and growth allowed me to have the opportunity to explore my talents to the fullest under the Hansons-Brooks Olympic Development Team in Michigan for 6 years.  It was a great time to take the running thing to the highest level and do it professionally.  Eat, live, and sleep to have a chance at the Olympic Team or at least to run my very best.

My PR and race distance progression in running since starting 23 years ago:
-High School top 10 at state xc with a second place team, PR’s of 4:48 and 10:22 at altitude in Colorado
-4 time Division II Collegiate All-American with Pr’s of 14:22 5k and 29:13 10k. 2001 National Runner-up, track 10k
-Post-college: Olympic Team alternate in 2004, 2:12:34 marathon pr(5:02 pace per mile), 1:04:55 half-marathon, 28:44 10k, 13:55 5k, and JFK 50 Mile Runner-up 5:37(6:45 pace)

Running/jogging can mean so many different things to people and I fully enjoy the simplest to the most complicated.  Finding a way to make it fun to you is what I find to be most important!

What are your favorite products? Adidas Adios and Energy Boost, Power Bar Energy Blends, Nathan hydration products, Black Diamond headlamps, and the amazing Footrubz Ball and Rumble Roller!

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