Tails from the Trails: Nutrition and Energy

north table

A long run through North Table Mountain

A casual search on running sites will reveal numerous articles about proper nutrition during a run, but not enough has been written about how daily nutrition affects everyday performance. If you maintain a fairly consistent diet, chances are your performance remains consistent as well. But what happens when you deviate?

Normally, I am a very strong climber, and I attack the hills with a vengeance. However, during this week’s 10-mile trail run at North Table Mountain, I suffered – mentally and physically.

A night out on the town the evening before included some pretty atypical food choices, which impacted my strength and endurance and left me sluggish and de-energized throughout the run. I had taken for granted just how much I gained from maintaining a strict diet void of empty calories and carbs.

We are human, we have social lives and we don’t pretend to be perfect. Sometimes the bad days teach us just as much as the good ones about the value of the daily sacrifices we make.

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